Assalamu alaikum, dear brothers. hope all of you are well and staying safe. We would like to seek your attention to an important project for us. Ramadan, the month of forgiveness is knocking on the door. One of the ways of seeking forgiveness is to help other people. This Ramadan, we will help some poor and needy people in Bangladesh. We know all of you are very kind and generous. In addition, some of us have the obligation of Zakat. Our plan is to collect this zakat and other sadaqah to help needy people. We are targeting 1000 USD. Our plan is to make solvent one or more families by arranging of provision for employment. We are expecting nearly 50 USD from each honorable member. However, you can donate any amount based on your ability. If you have the obligation of Zakat, please plan to donate a portion of your Zakat to our charity fund. Barakallahu feekum.

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