We are committed to serve your needs at time it is most critical. The trust you have put on us will be rewarded with equal or better services by the will of Almighty Allah.

It's Time to Start Your Adventures

As of now, all services of Al-Amanah Trust are limited to members only. So, in order for you to utilize all the services at Al-Amanah, registration will be your first step. And maximization of the services is directly proportional to your relationship such as your age of membership, your contribution, conduct etc. with Al-Amanah. Read the FAQ for more details. So, why waiting??

Save a Little with Al-Amanah

Save a little, stress-free amount starting at only $50/month with Al-Amanah which eventually will benefit you in  multiple ways. First, you are saving for your future without having any impact on your wallet at a very low monthly amount. Second, these savings will enable you to receive interest-free loan for personal need or small business in many folds. And third but not the least is- you will get a chance to grow your savings with Al-Amanah through halal business/investment without having any hassle of it i.e. Al-Amanah will take all the headaches on behalf of you. 

Get Interest-Free Loan

As a valued member, we are very delighted to help you with a 100% interest-free loan for your personal need. It could be anywhere from paying your rent, mortgage, tuition, a medical bill, buying a car or house, to repay someone else’s debt or to start a small business. You will get a loan amount as a function of your savings with Al-Amanah, your membership duration and your conduct with Al-Amanah etc.

Make a Payment

PayPal is the only form of payment as of now. Whether you want to make a payment towards your monthly savings, pay membership fee, add money to the temporary fund, donate or repay your loan- just click the link below or use this email to make the Paypal transaction. Please make sure to include your membership ID and details of the purpose of the payment. If no information is included, payment will be considered as the current months installment.


We, all members are like a family with Al-Amanah as un an umbrella over our head to protect us. So the core value is to provide every support you need. And as we understand that times might come when you or your family member may need some extra care. Our charity fund is dedicated to provide that critical support. Loan forgiveness, social service, sadaqa are all at our heart. But, without your support, we are nobody. So, please consider donating whatever you can to our charity fund so that we can provide those values.

Temporary Fund

Temporary Fund or T-Fund is designed to best use your unused money for a better cause. Say, you have adequate balance in your checking a/c which you don’t need right now but might need it couple weeks later. And you don’t like it to be seated in the bank as well. Rather you like it to be used by someone in need without any risk of loss or not getting it back when you need. T-Fund will give you this opportunity to deposit the money with assurance of getting back in full amount whenever you want without any administrative hassle.

Withdraw Savings

We understand that sometimes you feel much comfortable to withdraw some of the savings balance rather than applying for a loan. As an active member for no less than 90 days, you can always withdraw up to 50% of your total balance provided that there is no loan balance due/unpaid, the membership is not frozen and there’s no miss/late payment in the last three months. And, once you withdraw some savings balance, you won’t be able to apply for a loan for the next three months. And, your monthly deposit won’t stop anyway unless you freeze your membership.

Cancel Membership

Dear respected member, thanks for being a valued customer. It was a great pleasure serving you. Although it is heartbreaking to let you go, we respect your thoughtful decision. Please feel free to reach out if you think we can work out your concerns or an alternative could be made. Also, shop for a number of other options such as getting an interest-free loan, withdrawing the balance, or freezing membership that might work for you rather than leaving. If you still determined to cancel your membership, we would be happy to accommodate that!