Winter comes every year with the change of seasons naturally. Winter arrives in Bangladesh in late November and remains till early February. As soon as winter comes, the poorest people of the country suffer inhuman hardships. Currently, people in different parts of the country have been affected by the severe winter. The suffering of the poor due to lack of winter clothes is limitless. Which is a regular picture almost every year. The able and wealthy people of the society need to extend a helping hand and empathy to the helpless people this winter. We need to stand by the side of the poor as much as possible by providing adequate winter clothes.

The most affected part due to extreme cold is North Bengal. North Bengal consists of the greater Rajshahi and Rangpur. The people residing in this part of the country are the victims of the extreme cold wave that often passes over this area.

Chapai Nawabganj is a town located in the north-western part of the country. Winter clothes were distributed among 60 students to lessen their suffering this winter. Some social workers of the town were present at that time. They avoid social gatherings and successfully distributed winter clothes individually.

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