Winter is coming! It might not make a big difference in our day-to-day life. For some us, it is fun with snow or fall color adventure for others. It is very hard to feel the harsh cold from nature sitting inside a weather-controlled apartment. But on the other side of mother earth, people have to fight a new war along with thousands of others. And that is- winter! Just take a look at the picture and you will clearly imagine what is their arsenal to fight this battle. Yes, you are right- a piece of cloth! Not ordinary may be a little thick or heavy. We can call it a blanket. Yes, brother! A piece of blanket might bring enormous happiness to their life. Let’s take a small step to bring a little comfort to the lives of many. We don’t need thousands but only a few bucks could make a family happy for the whole season and after. And, Allah will witness it.

We are raising funds up to this month (October 2020). Our plan is to finish this winter clothes distribution project within Mid- November, in sha Allah. Your 15-30 dollars donation can bring comfort to a winter-stricken family, in sha Allah. Let’s participate in this novel project. Barakallahu Feekum.

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